Tuesday, June 28, 2011

works by Joshua and Patrick Porter.

The Insect by Joshua S. Porter
This is a rather short book by Joshua Porter, being only 14 pages long. It was written as a charming children’s story about 2 insects. The male insect is in love with Lilly, the female, but she does not feel the same way. It is only when the lonely male insect saves her life that she sees him how he truly is.
In the end this is simply a book about the story of the crucifixion told in an unconventional yet heartwarming way. It displays Christ’s unending love for us with something as small as insects.
I applaud Porter’s creativity and simplicity, reminding us all of Christ’s love for us.

by Joshua S. Porter and Patrick Porter
Personally, I find it a bit odd to review a comic book, but I figured since I read it I might as well write what I think about. Plus it is by the lead singer and his brother, of my favorite band, Showbread.
This is only the first comic in a series, and they only have the one our right now, so there is not much to go off of as far as plot. So far it is your basic man with a grudge trying to save people. They leave a lot of open ends, so I do plan on buying the next volume.
Also I enjoy the artwork. It is mostly dark toned, with some lighter colors in it. I think the artist, James Nguyen, I think he did a good job and I like the style of the people and such.
It has all the qualities of a normal comic book series, and it is especially good for being self published. I look forward to what is in store for our mysterious hero.

by Joshua S. Porter and Patrick Porter
This is yet another comic book by the Porter brothers. This one is actually the first one that they made and published.
By far this is the oddest comic I have read, and I don’t really know where the plot is going, but it makes me want to read it even more!
It is about a school janitor named Lance. He seems to lead a simple life in Georgia. He gets a headache and a bloody nose, so he sees the doctor. What happens next is truly unexpected and leaves the ending page drenched in a morbid oddity that only the Porter brothers could get away with.
Admittedly, the art work by Elizabeth Jancewicz is not the best, but it gets the job done and the point across. I would like to see them use a different artist in the later volumes, but maybe there were going for a certain look.
Nonetheless it was a good first comic, and spiked my interest for more to come. 

***All of these titles are for sale exclusively at Joshua Porter's  Web Store or if you are lucky sold at the merch table at a Showbread concert.***

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